'Why Hudson Pacific Is Going Big on Studio Space

Is Going Big on Studio Space

The exponential

growth in content production has had ripple effects across the media and entertainment eco-system

The management

of soundstages and related services is one of them

Hudson Pacific,

a real estate investment trust, has been investing significantly in studio lots in Hollywood, Atlanta,

Jeff Stotland,

a Disney strategy executive who joined Hudson Pacific last year, is leading the charge for

Last month,

Hudson Pacific scooped up Culver City-based Quixote Studios for $360 million

“We’re in

the picks and shovels business,” Stotland says on the latest episode of Variety podcast “

“We’re in

the business of providing picks and shovels for the studio folks to go produce

Hudson Pacific’s

strategy is to be one-stop shopping for major producers who need facilities and services

Hudson Pacific

also bought Star Waggons and Zio Studio Services — both of which supply trailers and other

You can’t

make it easier unless you have those assets and you have that scale

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