'‘Woman King’ leads big-budget shoots in South Africa

big-budget shoots in South Africa

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no doubt that damage has been done,” says Michael Auret of Spier Films, which

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it will take us this coming year of solid work and rebates being paid for

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of those measures begin to bear fruit, a sense of optimism prevails

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first time in the company’s 25-year history, Moonlighting will have a Black woman at

The “active

empowerment” of Black heads of departments has been a driving force across Film Afrika projects,

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is also taking cues from efforts to improve diversity in the U

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shore up a crew base stretched thin by the current production boom, according to Auret

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in a country that has 37% unemployment, it doesn’t make sense that you have

“If you’re

not shooting for the streamers, you’re servicing

If you’re

not servicing, you’re making local content,” Phiri says

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