'Xavier Lafitte Set for ‘Perhaps,’ Part of Spanish Screenings

for ‘Perhaps,’ Part of Spanish Screenings

Lafitte, in

a supporting role, will play Jérôme, a painter in love with Natalia who

The project

joins a host of Spanish films, pitching at Ventana Sur’s Spanish Screenings this week

The role

of Pinito will be played by Goya mominated, and much loved Spanish actress, Antonia San

” Also forming

the key cast is Tania Santana (“Hierro,”) and Marta Viera (“Me llamo Suleimán,”)

It’s a

story Arima León came across by chance, “in the middle of my research

I have

to do something more with this story, because Natalia writes about her emotions really painfully,

I found

in her words, a strong poetry to make something bigger than what I was looking

Sosa Ayala

was hired by Pinito Del Oro as her secretary on her final tour in the 1960

And I

think this security was something that fascinated Natalia,” León told Variety

There is

a tale from the golden age of Hollywood that illustrates Del Oro’s spirit

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