'‘Yomeddine’ Director Abu Bakr Shawky Shooting ‘Sea of Sands’

Bakr Shawky Shooting ‘Sea of Sands’

Somewhat similarly

to “Yomeddine,” which made a splash on the fest circuit in 2018, “Sea of Sands” involves

“It was

never really his intention to become a championship jockey,” Hefzy went on to note

This type

of mix is “something that I imagine you will see a lot in Saudi cinema,

The “Sea

of Sands” project germinated from Ithra’s head of performing arts and cinema Majed Z

 The screenplay is

by Egyptian writer Omar Shama (“After the Battle”) and Saudi writer Mufarrij Almajfel

” The plan is

to complete the film by summer 2023 and probably launch from a fall festival or

Film Clinic

is also handling the film’s pan-Arab distribution

‘I’m Ready to Have

Some Fun’